Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lamboo Inc. has partnered with Walsh Industries, LLC of Portland, Oregon--a leader in providing glulam and other structural building materials for the international commercial construction market. Walsh's projects include stadiums, libraries, schools, restaurants, churches, resorts and high-end residences. Now offering a new sustainable, high performing species selection, Lamboo, Walsh has another advantage within the structural industry. Lamboo is 10x stronger in tension that that of its wood counterparts, and 3x stronger mechanically than woods.

Walsh has satisfied customers all over Japan, China, Taiwan the Middle East, North America and Singapore. They understand glulam construction and have the expertise to deliver into global markets.

Walsh delivers to any job site in the world. Their crew can assist in erection and on the site installation or glulams and structural systems. Their projects are produced and shipped with the job-site in mind, being able to deliver on-time shipments and strive to meet strict ocean shipping deadlines.

Walsh has expertise in logistics which means that they can get product to your job site quickly and economically.

"Whether in containers, oversize bulk cargo vessels or LCLs, we can deliver to the four corners of the world."

Lamboo Inc. is working towards a sustainable future and is in need of strong partner companies like Walsh Industries in this effort.

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