Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Lamboo offers their LAMBOO® DESIGN™ solid components that are manufactured with high performance engineered bamboo. LAMBOO® DESIGN™ components are ideal for interior design, furniture, and many other architectural applications. Lamboo components are ideal for designers that are wanting to integrate both quality and sustainability in one. The DESIGN™ series offers a durable, aesthetically pleasing, workable panel that appeals to finish carpenters, custom designers and builders, and product manufacturers wishing to use high performance interior grade bamboo in plywood form.

LAMBOO® DESIGN™ panels and veneer offer strength, rigidity, and uniformity which make our products a great fit for project integration. We are able to offer a material that is in comparison to wood is 20%-40% more stable in climate and temperature changes, and has no knots or voids for easy milling. Lamboo Inc. uses proprietary processes within manufacturing to offer the DESIGN™ products at a quality that is nearly unmatched by all within the building and design industries. These panels are available in up to three colors and grain choices, and have multiple lamination and backer possibilities available. Specifying Lamboo panel products can attain up to 5 additional LEED Credits for qualified projects.

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