Wednesday, November 30, 2011


LAMBOO® ELITE™ Series consists of our engineered bamboo panels, components, & veneer designed specifically for the aviation industry. LAMBOO® ELITE™ material is a premium, higher performing product for custom applications in aviation interiors and includes proprietary adhesives that resist moisture as well as embedded flame retardants. LAMBOO® ELITE™ panels & veneer are able to be stained or dyed to match most colors, and can accept high gloss finishes specific to project requirements.

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Our technology includes: Species selection, adhesive selection, proprietary thermal modification, and performance based engineering processes. These processes make LAMBOO® ELITE™ panels uniquely ideal for the aviation market. Our panels and veneers are available with various high performance backers as required for the application including: Aluminum Honeycomb, fiberglass, plastics, aluminum, stainless steel, and fiber reinforced plastics, as well as fire rated sub-straights as required for aviation applications. All of our panels, veneer and components come ready for finishing and installation.

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