Tuesday, September 27, 2011

LAMBOO® Vue™ - Window and Door Product Line

Lamboo Inc. is leading in the technologies and manufacturing of performance based engineered bamboo, and is now supplying a material specifically for window and door systems. LAMBOO® VUE™ components have great thermal properties, strength, durability, and contain water resistant attributes that make this Lamboo product line ideal for architectural applications requiring high performance met with natural beauty.

Lamboo materials are up to 20% more stable than hardwoods in moisture & temperature changes, and up to 40% more stable than softwoods such as pine & douglas fir. VUE™ components have up to 3x the structural rigidity that allows for more flexibility within window & door system designs and profiles. Lamboo is on the forefront with pioneering technology of engineered bamboo which makes VUE™ window and door components a superior performance alternative within these systems.

For additional information visit our website at lamboo.us 

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