Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bamboo = Sustainability

Bamboo as a resource is the most sustainable plant used in the manufacturing of structural and architectural systems. Bamboo in comparison to timber takes 4 years to fully mature, where as timber on average takes 25 to 50 years to mature. Lamboo has 3 times the structural capacity of timber, achieving longer spans which allows for use of less material. Bamboo can be harvested without replanting, due to its root structure and grass like features, which also helps eliminate soil erosion. Unlike other crops, bamboo requires little or no pesticides to grow, because of a natural bio-agent that is bound to the plant at the molecular level.

Lamboo products are manufactured to be formaldehyde free due to adhesive selection as well as processing procedures. There is no comparison as far as yield per acre; bamboo can be harvested at a rate of 14 tons of usable fiber per acre every four to six years. In comparison, 8 tons of usable fiber per acre can be harvested from timber every 25-30 years. Timber is and has been an excellent fiber source, but bamboo is a great alternative source of fiber that cannot be ignored.

 Lamboo, Inc. is as sustainable as its products. Through partnerships, we are streamlining operations for shipping and logistics by customizing each individual order to eliminate waste of resources and time. The four species of bamboo that are used in Lamboo products are not used as a food source or habitat for any animals. Every element of operations has been carefully monitored and reevaluated to ensure the best possible products, services and future for our company and our planet.

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