Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lamboo, Inc.- Leaders in Engineered Bamboo Structural Components

Lamboo Inc. is a technology, and manufacturing company founded from the combined experience of seasoned architects, structural engineers, material scientist, and biotechnology specialist on the forefront of cutting edge, sustainable design technology for the residential and commercial construction industries worldwide. Integrating bamboo’s natural attributes into the Lamboo laminated process has created a superior structural building material that offers benefits to the environment, the construction industry, and architects/engineers throughout the world.

Our mission here at Lamboo Inc. is to develop and supply the most efficient, renewable resources available for structural and architectural applications within the construction and manufacturing industries. Lamboo Inc. and its partners envision a world where engineered structural bamboo is easily integrated into existing architecture and design. By reducing the construction industries’ devastation of countless forests and by promoting “green” building within our global communities, we are committed to making a positive impact on our world.

 The LAMBOO® Structure product line series offers a selection of structural products and applications with our high performance engineered bamboo. With LAMBOO® STRUCTURE™ products, structural systems can achieve greater strengths, longer spans, and extreme durability. Our products can be fabricated into common dimensional components, glu-lam beams and within hybrid structural applications. Using Lamboo within structural applications can allow for an additional 4 LEED Credits on qualified projects. All structural components can be custom fabricated to meet the specific requirements for your project.

Lamboo materials are up to 20% more stable than hardwoods in moisture & temperature changes, and up to 40% more stable than softwoods such as pine & douglas fir. VUE™  components have up to 3x the structural rigidity that allows for more flexibility within window & door system designs and profiles. Lamboo is on the forefront with pioneering technology of engineered bamboo which makes VUE™ window and door components a superior performance alternative within these systems.

Lamboo offers their LAMBOO® DESIGN  series that consist of high performance bamboo panels and veneer for interior design and architectural applications. Lamboo panels and veneer are ideal for designers that are wanting to integrate both quality and sustainability in one. The DESIGN series offers a durable, aesthetically pleasing, workable panel that appeals to finish carpenters, custom designers and builders, and product manufacturers wishing to use high performance interior grade bamboo in plywood or component form.

LAMBOO® ELEMENTS  series - components, panels and OEM products specifically designed for exterior finish design and architectural applications. LAMBOO® ELEMENTS panels and components are ideal for Table tops, Architectural applications, Louvers, Handrails, Stair treads, Exterior Furniture, Exterior Paneling, and many other design applications. Lamboo, Inc. offers a higher performing, aesthetically pleasing, workable panel that appeals to finish carpenters, manufactures, and to the  designer/builder. 

LAMBOO® ELITE™ material is a premium, higher performing product for custom applications in nautical and aviation interiors and includes proprietary adhesives that resist moisture as well as embedded flame retardants. ELITE™ Panels & Veneer are able to be stained or dyed to match most colors, and can accept high gloss finishes specific to project requirements. Our technology includes: Species selection, adhesive selection, proprietary thermal modification, and performance based engineering processes. These processes make LAMBOO® ELITE™ panels uniquely ideal for the aviation & nautical markets. 

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