Friday, September 2, 2011

Bamboo Guitar Integration
In today’s market place, natural resources and raw materials are progressively evolving and adapting to the environment that follows these constant changes. Developments of new products and technologies are continually advancing, allowing for the replacement or addition of new ideas for current products or processes. Lamboo Inc. is answering these demands in multiple industries with innovation and sustainability through the introduction of its engineered bamboo product manufacturing.

Lamboo Ebonized Fretboard
Lamboo Inc. has now developed and released a new product within the Lamboo® Design series called Lamboo® Ebonized™. This new product, implemented within the music industry, could change the outlook on how manufacturers address the need for sustainable materials within their products. Ebony woods and other exotic hardwoods are commonly used within guitars, basses, pianos, and other musical instruments. Lamboo® Ebonizedis available in two grain choices, and has already successfully been implemented as a replacement to ebony in different applications. Ebonized products are cured and then processed through a thermal modification process to achieve its rich, deep color. Having a bamboo alternative to these rare woods allows for rapid growth and manufacturing of this product since bamboo can be harvested every 4-6 years, while ebony timber is harvested at a rate of 60-200 years. Ebony is nearly extinct and has an approximate yield of 30%, versus having up to 97% yield with the Lamboo® Ebonized™ products.

Lamboo® Ebonized™ is a great, long-term alternative and possible replacement for the natural exotic woods that have been rapidly depleting within the last decade due to lack of replenishment of these species. Bamboo, classified as a grass, continually grows back naturally when cut down unlike timber species. With this new product launched by Lamboo Inc., multiple industries can still maintain the natural beauty of Ebony or exotics within their products in a sustainable and ecological manner. Turning the music industry to more environmentally friendly materials and products could lead to a revolution that embeds sustainability within business practices, leading companies towards a better rapport with federal, and governmental agencies.

Lamboo products are helping companies step into sustainability in an efficient way. Lamboo Inc. has multiple other grain and color options available within the Lamboo® Design series. To learn about more Lamboo products visit:

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