Friday, July 20, 2012

Wood architecture: as close as nature can get

In a new volume, Star-writer Philip Jodido captures the wondrous world of wood architecture. See what he found from Tierra del Fuego to North Cape, from Japan to Germany.

Wood is renewable and sustainable, solid and attractive. Wood architecture is just that - and so much more dazzling than ever thought. Woods is the material of the moment for contemporary architecture.

In a new volume readers are now able to get a glimpse of the most exciting and dynamic new uses of wood in architecture from all over the world. Like earthen architecture, the use of wood is almost as ancient as building itself. The columns of Greek temples are stylized trees. Today’s wooden buildings do all kinds of surprising things, and most of all, they are as “green” as they come.

(Excerpt of article by Philip Jodidio, of World's Luxury Guide. NOT AFFILIATED WITH LAMBOO)

Timber is rapidly being recognized for its potential as a great building material in a culture where designers are looking to other alternatives than the non-renewable resources traditionally used such as steel or aluminum. It only makes sense to start using options that we can replenish over time rather than using a finite resource; however, effective in terms of application and cost it ultimately may be. Many species of timber have attributes that make it ideal for construction and even though it is renewable many of these species take 25-50 years to reach maturity and require expensive and damaging replanting, threatening many weakened ecosystems. As we have been reporting bamboo is increasingly being recognized and used in many applications where timber has in the past providing remarkable strength, performance, and stability far exceeding anything we have witnessed with natural materials (in addition to having a growth rate of 6-8 years). Testing and forecasting by experts has led to the coining of the term "the next super material" due to Bamboo's amazing attributes and resiliency.

Lamboo is working to make these predictions come true by manufacturing the world's first certified structural grade bamboo component. Through species selection, patented adhesives, and lamination processes Lamboo is able to create bamboo panels and components that may appear very similar to traditional lumber on the outside but far exceed its performance in nearly every aspect.

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Lamboo interior grade panels

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