Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Arnold Companies partners with Lamboo, Inc. to introduce bamboo structured reception desk collection

                                                                       Arnold Companies/Lamboo Inc. reception desk

Lamboo, Inc. and Arnold Companies announced their partnership to bring an engineered, high performance bamboo product to be used within an impressive collection of reception desks, casegoods, wall units and library furniture. With the integration of the Lamboo® Design™ series bamboo materials, Lamboo Inc. and Arnold Companies are committed to producing high quality, durable products that can provide many years of service, while still providing sustainable interior design solutions and rapidly renewable materials.

The Arnold Companies represent four independent contract furniture manufactures that have been serving the design and corporate community since 1962. Their highly versatile lines of quality products are: Arnold Furniture, Arnold Reception Desks, Arnold Kolax, and Arnold Desks. In Arnold Companies' manufacturing process, great care is taken to reduce material waste and to dispose of that waste in an environmentally friendly way. Arnold Companies incorporates the goals of sustainability into all of their business decisions by instilling a respect for the environment in their employees, and by reviewing the environmental records of the suppliers.

                                                                        Arnold Companies/Lamboo Inc. reception desk

Lamboo Inc. uses proprietary manufacturing processes to offer products at a quality that is unmatched by all within the building and design industries. Lamboo products are not only a superior option over traditional sources in terms of quality and performance, but also a much more sustainable option. Lamboo, Inc. offers a durable, aesthetically pleasing, workable product that appeals to finish carpenters, custom designers, builders, and product manufacturers wishing to use high performance bamboo.

This partnership is formed to bring innovative solutions to use the best quality custom receptionist desks for municipal projects, commercial projects and upscale residences, while maintaining a reputation of reliability and quality. Through parntership with Arnold Companies, Lamboo seeks to combine high performance bamboo products with the most advanced engineered system in the market today.

                                                                             Arnold Companies/Lamboo Inc. reception desk

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Blog by: Dustin Dennison

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