Thursday, June 16, 2011

LAMBOO® STRUCTURE ™ - Structural Applications

The LAMBOO® STRUCTURE series product line offers a selection of structural applications with our high performance engineered bamboo. Through research and development Lamboo has designed material specifically for structural beams, curtain wall systems, and trusses. Through our partnerships we offer consulting, shop drawings, detailed structural system analysis, fabrication and installation for each structural project. All structural components are custom fabricated to meet the requirements for your project.

Lamboo Inc.'s Product Development Division has initiated and continues to lead revisions of existing wood standards to be released through internationally recognized ASTM and ICC for the first ever certified engineered bamboo structural components. Through continued research and development Lamboo is leading in the ongoing drafting and revising of codes and standards to be referenced within international building code publications. 

The LAMBOO® STRUCTURE  product line consist of structural engineered bamboo materials designed for integration into the fabrication of aesthetic structural systems such as:

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