Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Contact: Cainan Barnett
510 E. Adams                                                                                                                  
Third Floor                                                                                                       
Springfield, IL 62701


Lamboo, Inc. offers sustainable bamboo products for mega-yacht and boating designs.

Lamboo, Inc. has released a product line that is manufactured for premium applications within the interiors of super yachts, cruise ships, sail boats, and other nautical designs. This effort has been initiated by premier designers that are highly recognized for the work they have done worldwide.
The LAMBOO® ELITE™ product series consists of our engineered bamboo panels, components, and veneer that were fabricated for the nautical industry. LAMBOO® ELITE™ products are a sustainable alternative to woods and plastic composites used within yacht and ship designs, and provide extremely high performance properties in stability, weathering longevity, and fire resistance. Our ELITE™ panels & veneer have the ability to be stained or dyed to match almost all colors, and can accept high gloss finishes specific to project requirements exceptionally well. LAMBOO® ELITE™ products can be machined and sanded using conventional woodworking equipment, which allows for the ease of integration and minimal additions to product fabrication processes.
Lamboo® ELITE™ products contain proprietary manufacturing processes that allow for anti-microbial and moisture resistant attributes, and make them ideal in high use, and extreme environments such as mega-yachts and cruise ships. 
Lamboo, Inc. is devoted to making a difference in the environment by using more eco friendly, longer lasting products and practices.  With the infrastructure in place and their efforts to remain an innovative company, Lamboo will be as sustainable as its products.

If you have any questions or would like an interview please contact Cainan Barnett
at 866-966-2999 or E-mail

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