Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lamboo, Inc. Supplies Structural Components For Glulam Beams & Members

Lamboo Inc. has recently partnered with Western Structures, providing Lamboo LVB structiural material for glulam beams and other structural members for the US and International commercial construction market.

Western Structures, Inc., established in 1989, is a manufacturer of custom, top-quality glulam beams. They have carved a name for themselves among builders, architects and developers all over the world. Western Structures products can be found in high profile projects and residences across the United States. In Japan, where quality is revered and demanded, Western is the leading US exporter of custom beams.

Western Structures
is an APA certified mill. Western is also approved for other markets including Japan’s JAS Certification. Their entire production line is geared to deliver the best quality product within an industry-leading turnaround time. The facility, based in Eugene, Oregon, is both flexible and efficient. Since 1989, Western has continuously upgraded their equipment, added new machinery and expanded the original footprint of the plant.

offers services--whether in design, fabrication or technical support--that sets their company apart from other competitors. Western Structures looks at every project with an enthusiasm not readily found these days and is passionate about their business and yours, too.

Lamboo, Inc.
Western Structures, Inc.

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