Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lamboo Inc - Sustainability At Its Best

Lamboo Inc. is a technology company that specializes in the manufacturing of engineered structural & architectural bamboo for building projects worldwide. Bamboo consumes little energy while producing a material with enormous advantages in mechanical properties. In its engineered form laminated bamboo provides great rigidity, uniformity, stability, and strength. Our research and product development is focused on the following:

* Structural Elements

* Window & Door Components

* Interior Panels & Veneer

* Exterior Panels & Veneer

* Aviation And Nautical Panels & Veneer

Lamboo Inc. utilizing the most rapidly renewable, high yield fiber resource on the planet, is introducing an alternative high performance building product. Through species and adhesive selection, and proprietary lamination processes, Lamboo technology is leading the structural engineered bamboo industry.

Curved Beams

Lamboo Inc.
Research and Development has been underway since January of 2005. Through stringent testing and plant analysis, Lamboo has identified 4 out of 1600 bamboo species that have stable cellular structure, mechanical properties and optimal yield characteristics. Test results show that bamboo has high tensile strength, high stability, and excellent compression properties. The average modulus of elasticity is higher than Southern Yellow Pine and Douglas Fir which gives Lamboo the opportunity to be produced in longer spans.

Lamboo In Architectural Mill Work

Lamboo R&D encompasses multiple levels of analysis including: Species, Growth Cycle, Carbon Sequestration, Climate, Regions, Adhesives, Manufacturing, and Logistics. Lamboo, Inc. is dedicated to remaining an innovative, environmentally responsible company. We will continue to conduct research to find the best quality, most efficient, and most renewable resources and processes. Lamboo’s proprietary lamination process and technology, positions us to be as sustainable as our products.

Lamboo Beams

All of us at Lamboo Inc. hope that you use our site as a great resource for your next project.


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