Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lamboo® Rainscreen™ Systems Now Available

Lamboo now offers their LAMBOO® RAINSCREEN™ systems - components, panels, and systems specifically designed for exterior finish design and architectural applications. Lamboo’s exterior grade components and panels include proprietary manufacturing processes & bonding agents to resist moisture and last throughout harsh environments.

The purpose of Rainscreen cladding is to keep moisture away from the walls of a building. Lamboo’s proprietary manufacturing processes make LAMBOO® RAINSCREEN™ systems the ideal solution for exterior design and architectural applications.

The Rainscreen™ System is integrated into the following applications:
Lamboo® Rainscreen Systems - Exterior Grade, Engineered Bamboo Rainscreen System
Lamboo® Soffit - Exterior Grade, Engineered Bamboo Soffit System
Lamboo® Fascia - Exterior Grade, Engineered Bamboo Fascia System

Please contact us for more information on Rainscreen Systems.
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