Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lamboo Galesburg facility

In order to effectively provide our products in the domestic U.S. market, Lamboo is continually expanding within the Galesburg distribution hub. This centralized Illinois location enables Lamboo to deliver products coast to coast within 3-5 days following order of stocked products. Lamboo relies not only on the efficient programs and processes used to create our products but through logistics practices as well.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Brilliant Boats - full service Naval Architecture consultancy.

With nearly 25 years of experience in Industrial Design, and 15 years in Naval Architecture, Brilliant Boats offers a powerful combination of skills with fully integrated creative 3D design processes, including full developmental, engineering and construction modeling with real-world experience in industrial design, production engineering and manufacturing.

Through the use of Lamboo® Elite™ materials Brilliant boats is able to utilize the superior longevity and durability of our laminated bamboo materials to offer higher quality vessels capable of performing under the rough conditions of the sea. The dedicated design and building processes Brilliant uses in their projects only enhances the existing advantages that Lamboo materials provide.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Walsh Industries & Lamboo, Inc.

Walsh Industries, LLC of Portland, Oregon is a leader in providing glu-lam and other structural building materials for the international commercial construction market. Their investment and management role with Western Structures, Inc. further enhances their ability to deliver high quality glu-lams quickly and at competitive prices. Projects include stadiums, libraries, schools, restaurants, churches, resorts and high-end residences. Their customers are located all over Japan, China, Taiwan the Middle East, North America, India, England, Hong Kong and Singapore. Walsh Industries has a deep understanding of wood construction and the expertise to deliver into global markets.

Beyond the partnership with Western Structures, Walsh Industries enjoys long-term relationships with 5 US-based APA and JAS approved glu-lam plants. They also represent glu-lam manufacturers in Germany and Japan. Through the utilization Lamboo® Structure™ materials Walsh is able to provide quality systems that exhibit superior performance and sustainability to traditional hardwoods.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Western Structures partnership with Lamboo

Western Structures, Inc. established in 1989, is a manufacturer of custom, top-quality glulam beams and offers Lamboo as a premium species selection. Western Structures says, “Glulams made with Lamboo components will be “off the charts” in terms of strength and durability.” Western has carved a name for themselves among builders, architects and developers all over the world.  Western Structures products can be found in high profile projects and residences across the United States. In Japan, where quality is revered and demanded, Western is the leading US exporter of custom beams.

Glu-lam beams
The Lamboo Structure™ product line offers a selection of structural products and applications with our high performance engineered bamboo. A Lamboo glu-lam is a beautiful structural component, devoid of knots but rich with color and character.  Western Structures is able to manufacture virtually any size or length of this product and are confident that a structure made with Lamboo will be in a class all by itself.

Through our partnership with Western Structures we offer consulting, shop drawings, detailed structural system analysis, glu-lam fabrication and installation for each project. Using Lamboo within structural applications can allow for an additional 4 LEED Credits on qualified projects. All structural components can be custom fabricated to meet the specific requirements for your project.

Western Structures
offers services whether in design, fabrication or technical support that sets their company apart from other competitors. Western Structures looks at every project with an enthusiasm not readily found these days and is passionate about their business. These major contributing factors make Lamboo's decision to maintain and promote growth in this partnership an easy one.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dynamic Windows & Doors utilization of Lamboo materials

Dynamic Windows & Doors specialize exclusively in architect-designed luxury residential projects and historical replacements, supplying signature estate homes and landmark buildings across the continent and internationally. Their proven, engineered windows and doors span every conceivable style and operation, from classic traditional European designs to sleek modern geometrical creations. With the integration of Lamboo Vue™ materials Dynamic is able to bring the market beautiful, long lasting and durable window and door systems.

Door Systems
Available in the following styles: Lift and Slide doors, multi-panel bi-folding doors, over-size hinged doors, pivoting, pocketing, angled, radius and impact tested. Dynamic’s engineered modern door details enable the architect to design some of the largest wood door systems available in the industry. Our engineered cores create the strength and stability required to manufacture over-sized door systems under warranty while retaining narrow stile and rail dimensions.

Window Systems
Dynamic also offers a full range of modern window systems including: casement/awning, Fineline Common Mullion, corner, direct glazed, and tilt & turn.

Lamboo materials are up to 20% more stable than hardwoods in moisture & temperature changes, and up to 40% more stable than softwoods such as pine & douglas fir. These unique qualities of Lamboo give architects additional incentives to the already strong product offering of LEED credits and sustainability made possible through the use of Lamboo products.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Point Five systems featuring Lamboo materials

Point Five’s success is the result of a philosophy of innovation, dedication to the highest quality standards and the commitment to truly accommodate the needs of the communities they serve. In recognition that fortunes can change on the smallest oversight, the company dedicates itself to the basic principles of renewal and continuing improvement of products, processes and operations to ensure the continued tradition of unparalleled quality, service and commitment that has brought Point Five continuing success.

Point Five has partnered with Lamboo utilizing the Lamboo Vue™ product line which features our window and door components and systems. Vue™ components have up to 3x the structural rigidity that allows for more flexibility within window & door system designs and profiles.

Through our partner companies like Point Five, Lamboo is committed to continuous improvement and innovation to bring to market products that exhibit superior quality and sustainability compared to traditional options.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lamboo integration in Pacific Architectural Millwork

Lamboo Inc. has partnered with Pacific Architectural Millwork to create an innovative design accompanied by Lamboo technology in windows and storefront systems. Lamboo’s LVB material has recently been showcased through Pacific Architectural Millwork in a storefront system at the International Builders Show 2010 in Las Vegas. Lamboo LVB window and door component materials are manufactured with exterior grade adhesives and are superior to many other materials through the use of a select bamboo species and other proprietary lamination processes.

Pacific offers a variety of products for nearly any application including: folding, sliding, entry, lift & slide doors as well as expansive window and curtain wall systems.

Pacific's extensive experience fabricating and installing custom systems for commercial and residential projects of all sizes and styles makes it one of the premier manufacturers.

The main product offering from Pacific utilizing Lamboo materials are curtain wall systems made possible from the Lamboo Renewall™ product line. This product line offers curtain wall members, storefront system components, and full systems and installation through our partners like Pacific.

The Lamboo Renewall™ can meet Passive House standards with the implementation of higher performance glass, unlike aluminum systems that cannot meet these standards. Renewall™ products can also attain up to 5 LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits on qualifying projects.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lamboo offered in beautiful H Window Company systems

Lamboo Inc. has partnered with H Windows and integrated Lamboo Vue™ window and door materials within their product offerings. H Windows are built in America for architects, builders, and homeowners who demand the very best in quality, environmental, and energy efficient design. H Window Company Provides windows and doors to the commercial market with projects that include, schools, universities, public housing, assisted living facilities, local government buildings, condominiums, churches, cultural centers, libraries, fire stations, office buildings, and historical renovations. H Window Company offers the finest European designed, high-performance custom wood windows and doors. With Lamboo H Window company offers two premium products: H Windows and Nordic Doors.

H Windows 
All over the world, the sun pours through more than 10 million very special windows. Revolutionary windows. H Windows. So sensible, so suprisingly simple, H Windows revolve a full 180° for easy cleaning and maintenance without intruding into the room. A remarkable hinge system is the H Window secret. Crafted in Norway by H Window industries, the H hinge has been the Scandanavian market leader for three decades. The superior performance and design of the H Window hinge has been proven millions of times around the world by the 60 companies in 10 countries using H Window Hinge Systems.

Nordic Doors
Built to the same level of H Window quality and performance, the Nordic Outswing Patio Door opens outward to save precious floorspace. Both sides of a double-wide door are fully operational, and include a 3-point locking mechanism for the ultimate in security. A fourth hinge near the top prevents sagging, and a unique wind brake stop allows the active leaf to be locked in any open position.

The latch system locks the door with a simple twist of the handle. The aluminum exterior/Lamboo interior design produces the tightest air and water infiltration performance in the industry.

Lamboo’s technology and sustainability allows it to add up to an additional 4 LEED points to the existing LEED qualified window and door systems. Lamboo, Inc. is continuing its initiative to make an environmental change through renewable resources, longer lasting products and practices with the assistance of partner companies like H Window.

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