Friday, January 13, 2012

Western Structures partnership with Lamboo

Western Structures, Inc. established in 1989, is a manufacturer of custom, top-quality glulam beams and offers Lamboo as a premium species selection. Western Structures says, “Glulams made with Lamboo components will be “off the charts” in terms of strength and durability.” Western has carved a name for themselves among builders, architects and developers all over the world.  Western Structures products can be found in high profile projects and residences across the United States. In Japan, where quality is revered and demanded, Western is the leading US exporter of custom beams.

Glu-lam beams
The Lamboo Structure™ product line offers a selection of structural products and applications with our high performance engineered bamboo. A Lamboo glu-lam is a beautiful structural component, devoid of knots but rich with color and character.  Western Structures is able to manufacture virtually any size or length of this product and are confident that a structure made with Lamboo will be in a class all by itself.

Through our partnership with Western Structures we offer consulting, shop drawings, detailed structural system analysis, glu-lam fabrication and installation for each project. Using Lamboo within structural applications can allow for an additional 4 LEED Credits on qualified projects. All structural components can be custom fabricated to meet the specific requirements for your project.

Western Structures
offers services whether in design, fabrication or technical support that sets their company apart from other competitors. Western Structures looks at every project with an enthusiasm not readily found these days and is passionate about their business. These major contributing factors make Lamboo's decision to maintain and promote growth in this partnership an easy one.

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