Thursday, August 23, 2012

‘Abnormally Green’ Means Truly Sustainable Materials

Baltix Sustainable Furniture and Lamboo®, Inc. partner to deliver high performance bamboo for tabletop and countertop applications!

August 22, 2012 – Lamboo, Inc. and Baltix Sustainable Furniture announced their partnership to provide the greenest commercial furniture in the industry. Through this partnership, Lamboo, Inc. will supply Baltix with a specifically engineered laminated bamboo product line for tabletops and counter tops. This specific product will be integrated into Baltix’s Green Tables Collection, which is ideal for designers that want to integrate both quality and sustainability within their products without sacrificing aesthetic value. By carefully choosing green materials, Baltix believes in embracing concepts such as weight reduction and sustainable processes aiming to provide products that allow their customers to go green with confidence.

All Baltix products are carefully manufactured utilizing computer driven technology for precision, combined with a touch of human hand for fit and finish. “Baltix recently conducted a search across the country to identify a new partner for our bamboo program. The team at Lamboo, Inc. filled the bill for us with their innovative, structural bamboo panels. It has always been our quest to partner with service oriented and like-minded, innovative and truly green manufacturers” said Baltix’s President, Chuck Lodge. This approach assures the products are of high quality whether it’s one item or one hundred. Their manufacturers are also highly efficient and use minimal waste practices, backed by a 10 year warranty, on time performance & a high level of customer service.

Lamboo offers the LAMBOO® SURFACE™ product line, engineered laminated bamboo product line designed for tabletops and counter top components. As a part of the Lamboo® Design™ series, these premium products are ideal for designers that want to integrate both quality and sustainability within their designs and integration without sacrificing aesthetic value. Lamboo Surface products now offer the perfect solution to visionary architects and designers wanting to replace traditional hardwoods, petroleum based, and synthetic materials with innovative and naturally sustainable solutions.

This partnership is formed to bring innovative solutions to use only the highest-quality raw materials, manufactured on state-of-the-art machinery and shop technology, while maintaining reputation of reliability and quality. Through partnership with Baltix Sustainable Furniture, Lamboo seeks to combine high performance bamboo products with the most innovative designs and products available in the market today.

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Blog by: Dustin Dennison

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