Friday, February 24, 2012

LEED 2012 Development

The hallmark of LEED and its ability to affect market transformation is its continuous improvement cycle that enables the rating system to increase in scope and stringency as market readiness increases and new technologies become widely available. With LEED 2009, the primary changes were foundational changes, such as rating system content alignment, credit point value allocation, the development of LEED Online v3, and changes to the professional credentials and certification process. These foundational changes continue to be refined in the context of LEED 2009, but will not be fundamentally changed again with the next update of LEED.

For LEED 2012, USGBC will focus on increasing the technical rigor of the rating system, expanding the market sectors able to use LEED, and striving for simplicity in terms of usability. LEED 2012 builds on LEED 2009 in a thoughtful way. It optimizes the foundations in LEED 2009, and will continue to improve the clarity, usability, functionality and interconnectedness of the rating systems through future version development.

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Lamboo Inc. is committed to maintaining its status as an innovative leader in the development of environmentally responsible technologies for the architectural industry. Lamboo products are not only higher performing but are also eligible for LEED credits on qualifying products. Please refer to USGBC website for more information on qualifying projects.

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