Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lamboo partnership with Dover Windows & Doors

Lamboo Inc. is proud to partner with Dover Windows & DoorsBelle Haven Specialties to provide superior window & door and curtain wall systems. Dover carries a variety of products and through this partnership offers beautiful structurally sound systems using materials from Lamboo's Vue™ and Renewall™ through product lines.

Curtainwall systems are ideal for use where large expanses of glass are needed. Unlike modular installations, curtainwall systems allow for onsite assembly and are not limited in size. This eliminates awkward design problems like unwanted mullions and allows for a more continuous flow in the overall design. Operable inserts can be placed in any appropriately sized section of the layout. Dover offers inswing and outswing venting lites in both manually operated and fully automatic motorized systems. Door details have also been tailored to complement the clean sitelines of the curtainwall assembly.

Combining this European design with the functionality and innovation of Lamboo Renewall™ products, architects are able to design systems that are far superior in terms of both strength and durability compared to traditional systems. Using Renewall™ products can attain up to 5 LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits in qualifying projects (Click here for additional information).

Dover also offers a wide range window & door systems including: Tilt/turn casements, European Overlay doors, Open Corner & Pocketing doors, Exterior cladding, and much more. Integrating Lamboo Vue™ products into these systems is not only environmentally friendly, but better performing as well. Beautiful Dover/Lamboo systems can be adapted for any use where wood is traditionally used.

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