Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lamboo Elite Featured In Super Yacht Times & Superyacht Design!

The Lamboo Elite product series consists of engineered bamboo panels, components, and veneer that were fabricated for the nautical industry. Lamboo Elite products are a sustainable alternative to woods and plastic composites used within yacht and ship designs, and provide extremely high performance properties in stability, weathering longevity, and fire resistance. The Elite panels & veneer have the ability to be stained or dyed to match almost all colors, and can accept high gloss finishes specific to project requirements exceptionally well.

Processing Lamboo takes 15 percent less embodied energy than wood and 300 percent less energy than steel and aluminium production. Due to Lamboo’s patented process and the natural qualities of bamboo, this material will not warp as some hardwoods do under extreme temperature, climate and humidity changes. Lamboo is actually 20 per cent more stable than wood in moisture and temperature changes, 10 times stronger than wood in tension and on average three times stronger mechanically. Featuring flame retardant proprietary adhesives that resist moisture and microbes, the Lamboo Elite products are perfectly suited to the extreme environments experienced on board superyachts.

 For additional information on Lamboo products visit our 
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