Monday, April 4, 2011

Lamboo, Inc.- "Making Innovative Thinking A Standard"

The design world is a continuously evolving industry. New waves and trends are constantly pushing through the front line to consistently bring innovative thinking and modern ideas together. Lamboo Inc. has ways to be involved in this pattern of continuously evolving, making not only designs better one day at a time, but reflecting to figure out how to keep our environment and world a better, cleaner, more efficient place to live.

Lamboo Products consist of engineered bamboo structural members, fabricated bamboo glulams, bamboo window & door components, bamboo interior & exterior panels & veneer, and custom bamboo components. Bamboo is becoming the new trend within products worldwide, but Lamboo Inc. is involving it into products where sustainability isn't necessarily the first question that is asked about.

Creating buildings, homes, businesses, restaurants, common areas etc. with Lamboo can start the revolutionary domino effect that leads into a sustainable world. Not only can Lamboo be specified into structures, beams, & trusses, but it can be integrated within interior & exterior designs of each building as well (architectural millwork, interior & exterior furniture, paneling, ceiling systems, table tops, counters etc.). This allows for true sustainability & uniformity to be reached through entire projects.

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