Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vincent Vumbaco - Naked Pizza & Lamboo

Naked Pizza

Vincent Vumbaco is an architectural designer that is the leading in new construction designs for the Naked Pizza Franchises. Vincent has chosen Lamboo materials to be fabricated into all of the customer area furniture, cash register counters and tabletops to create a contemporary look using sustainable materials. Lamboo fits great within their designs and business plan of offering all natural, earthy ingredients within their pizzas, and now sustainable products for their furniture.

Naked Pizza Lamboo Cash Register Counter

"We've specified Lamboo for all of our customer area furniture. In addition to its inherent sustainable qualities it mills beautifully. This allows us to use some joinery techniques that have been forgotten and lost to cheaper and more expedient particle board and cam-locks." Vincent Vumbaco said. "Lamboo is a material that's in-line with our thinking at Naked Pizza. It's unique and relevant without being preachy or precious."

Naked Pizza Lamboo iPad Stand

Naked Pizza will have many franchises built all over the country from California to Florida to New York, as well as international markets such as Dubai. Naked Pizza is taking a hold of the industry and leading the way in this ever changing world of how people eat, think, and build. Check out the current & new up-and-coming Naked Pizza's all over the world HERE.

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