Monday, January 11, 2010

Bamboo, being the most renewable resource on the planet, is no longer limited to being a food, clothing, accessory, or flooring anymore. Lamboo Inc.'s Technology Division has developed a new structural grade, low V.O.C., window and door material. This engineered bamboo product has anti-microbial and moisture resistant attributes that make this an ideal product in multiple environment types.

After 6 years of testing and research, Lamboo Inc. has partnered with H Windows Company to create a commercial grade Lamboo window. This made their most innovative and revolutionary window system, even more innovative. This window was showcased at the American Institute of Architects Minnesota Conference November 10 – 12, 2009.

President of Lamboo, Inc. Luke Schuette said “due to the structural and thermal properties of Lamboo as well as its aesthetic appeal, it is a great fit for the window and door industry. Our business is bamboo, H-Windows is windows, it made sense to join together to bring the architectural industry a sustainable revolutionary window and door system”.

Lamboo’s technology and sustainability allows it to add up to an additional 4 LEED points to the existing LEED qualified window and door components. LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is one of the most nationally recognizable Green Building certification systems created by USGBC. Lamboo, Inc. is continuing its initiative to make an environmental change through renewable resources, longer lasting products and practices.

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  1. I am Cainan Barnett and currently working with Lamboo Inc. Architectural and Structural Bamboo. We are a technology and research company located in the Midwest. Our company has come up with a major green solution for architecture and structural purposes. Through species and adhesives selection we have created a truly engineered structural grade laminated bamboo material that is 10x stronger than wood in tension, 3x stronger mechanically, and 20% more stable than wood in moisture and temperature changes. Our manufacturing uses 15% less embodied energy than wood and 300% less embodied energy than aluminum and steel. Bamboo is a grass that can be grown on every continent. We have isolated 4 out of 1600 species that grow primarily in zone 7 and warmer. Our harvesting yields 14 tons of usable fiber per acre every 4-6 years, while compared to timber producing 8 tons of usable fiber per acre every 25-30 years. Bamboo is a resource that has optimal strength, great aesthetic appeal, and is highly sustainable. Bamboo has two types of root systems, clumping and running. The clumping root system helps to prevent soil erosion. Since bamboo is a grass it requires no replanting, no pesticides or herbicides, you simply cut it down and watch it grow. Bamboo also sequesters 35% more carbon in its growing cycle than that of a like sized timber forest. This product can change the way our future is shaped, not only in our buildings but in our environment as well. Please contact us with any questions or comments that you might have and pass the word along about Lamboo's new green ideas.