Monday, August 29, 2011

LAMBOO VUE -- Inovation in Window and Door Components

Lamboo Inc in cooperation with partner companies have made the Vue series of engineered bamboo a remarkable breakthrough in the current "green" era in the construction and architectural industries.

Vue products exhibit superior thermal properties, strength, rigidity, water resistance, and sustainability compared to hardwood competitors. Lamboo Vue components are on average 20% more stable than hardwoods and up to 40% more stable than softwoods such as pine or douglas fir. All Lamboo Inc. products use low V.O.C. adhesives and do not produce off-gassing when sanding, profiling, and handling materials.

In addition to the enhanced strength, longevity, and aesthetics this product can be adapted for most applications while being much friendlier for the environment.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lamboo Products Integrated Within 4specs!

You can find Lamboo available in the following divisions for specification:

07 4680 - Wood Siding & Shingles
06 1800 - Glue-Laminated Construction
06 0500 - Wood Materials
06 4200 - Paneling

Lamboo is available in up to three colors and grain choices, and has multiple lamination possibilities that are available. With specifying Lamboo products, you can earn up to 4 additional LEED Credits for qualified projects. Our process uses 15% less embodied energy than that of engineered wood and 300% less embodied energy than aluminum and steel. Lamboo on average is 20% more stable than wood in moisture and temperature changes, 10 times stronger than wood in tension and 3 times stronger mechanically.

Please visit our website for more information.