Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lamboo, Inc.'s Structural Components: Lamboo Structure

Lamboo Structure: Sustainable building material for structural/architectural applications. Used for: trusses, structural beams, curtain walls, store front systems, stair stringers, and more!

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Lamboo Vue (Windows and Doors)
Lamboo Design (Panels and Veneer)
Lamboo Elements (Exterior)
Lamboo Elite (Aviation and Nautical Applications)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lamboo Architectural Panels & Veneer

The Lamboo Design Series

This interior lineup from Lamboo, Inc. is a great fit for designers and builders looking for materials that are both sustainable and high-performing.  The common interior design uses for these architectural panels and veneers are as follows:  furniture, wall coverings, ceiling materials, cabinetry, table tops, stair components, exposed beams, windows and doors, custom components, and elevator cabins.

Other Lamboo Products

Monday, March 7, 2011

Lamboo® Elements™ - Exterior Grade Bamboo Components

Lamboo offers their LAMBOO® ELEMENTS  series - panels and veneer specifically designed for exterior finish design and architectural applications. LAMBOO® ELEMENTSpanels and veneer are ideal for Table tops, Architectural applications, Stair treads, Exterior Furniture, Exterior Paneling, and many other design applications. Lamboo, Inc. offers a strong, aesthetically pleasing, workable panel that appeals to finish carpenters, and to the custom designer/builder.


Our exterior panels include
proprietary properties and adhesives to resist moisture and last throughout harsh environments. With three grain types and two solid colors to choose from, LAMBOO® ELEMENTS panels offer strength, rigidity, and are custom fabricated to meet the requirements for your project. We are able to offer a material that is in comparison to engineered wood 20% more stable in climate and temperature changes, and has no knots or voids for easy milling.


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