Monday, March 29, 2010

LAMBOO® Vue™ LVB (Laminated Veneer Bamboo) - Window & Door Component Material

Through research, development, and product testing Lamboo Inc. has designed material specifically for window and door components and systems. Bamboo, being the most renewable resource on the planet, with its thermal properties, as well as strength, rigidity and water resistant attributes make LAMBOO® Vue™ LVB, Window and Door Component material ideal for project integration. Lamboo offers a material that is in comparison to engineered wood 20% more stable in climate and temperature changes.

LAMBOO® Vue™ LVB is superior in strength as well as aesthetically pleasing. Lamboo technology including: Species selection, adhesive selection, and our proprietary lamination process make Lamboo LVB a superior material that is easily incorporated in window and door manufacturing. We pride ourselves on being the technology leader in the Structural Grade Engineered Bamboo industry.

LAMBOO® Vue™ Window and Door Component LVB - (Type one Exterior Grade Adhesive)

Window & Door Applications




-Store Front Systems

-Curtain Wall Systems

Friday, March 26, 2010

Engineers see need for green building products. Illinois Engineer magazine showcases all of the attributes structural engineered bamboo can offer to the forward thinking Architects, Engineers and Designers of today. Lamboo Inc. was recently shown in the Illinois Engineer Volume 84, No 4 in the winter edition 2009-2010.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

-Lamboo Inc. Takes Step Forward For Certifications & Standards-

Lamboo, Inc. is proud to announce that Bruce Craig, 32 year veteran in the forest products manufacturing sector has joined our team. Craig retired from Weyerhaeuser Company in 2009, and has come on to represent Lamboo, Inc. and head up the product certification division for Lamboo at all ASTM International and ICC (International Code Council) meetings. His focus has been particularly in the area of product evaluations, code recognitions and manufacturing standards.

Craig’s responsibility will be to write the standards needed for Lamboo LVB Structural grade material to meet all national and international certifications and practices. Craig and ASTM D 07 0203 task group chair Luke Schuette are fore fronting the development of recognizable standards for the use of engineered bamboo as a new sustainable building alternative for the building products industry.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lamboo Inc. has recently partnered with Duratherm Window Corporation to provide innovative designs incorporating Lamboo technology for window and door systems.

Through Duratherm Window, customers can choose window systems that fit their custom needs such as:
-Fixed Frame
-Storefront Systems
-Out-Swing Casement
-In-Swing Casement

Duratherm can also provide a wide variety of door systems to fit the needs of any project:

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Lamboo LVB technology’s integration into a window or door system helps attain a higher uniformity and mechanical consistency while achieving contemporary aesthetic qualities for today’s innovative architects and designers. Through Lamboo's technology and Duratherm's top of the line custom designs, customers can receive a truly innovative, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing end product.